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Settling into Omaha.................................

Over Memorial Day weekend, Dah Po, Hsa Pre and 4 of their 6 children enjoyed an afternoon at Prairie Lane Park.  Playground equipment provided plenty of opportunity for exercise  — and fun!   The family was accompanied by Refugee Committee members Jane O’Brien, Mary Ann McDonald, Dawn Manker, Kathy McDonald, and Susan Recker and her family.  
The children also enjoyed blowing bubbles, looking at books, drawing with sidewalk chalk, playing with a beach ball and eating ice cream.   


Congratulations to Dah Po, the husband and father of our family, who has just begun his new job with Tyson Iowa, a meat packing company. He’ll be working in packaging once he completes orientation. We are very excited for him and for our whole family. It will be a hard job but it is a start.

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The family continues to progress in many other ways.
                •They have a community garden plot near their home where they will grow vegetables this summer. Thanks to Karen Krall Murphy for setting this up.
                •Hsa Pree and Dah Po have been taking English classes at Augustana Lutheran Church. Refugee team volunteers drive them to and from school. They have progressed well. The three oldest children seem to be doing well at Benson West School and will be attending summer classes.

Thanks St. John’s Parishioners

                The refugee team is EXTREMELY grateful to St. John’s parishioners for their generosity to our laundry jars project. The response has been amazing and goes a long way to meeting not only laundry but other needs of our family. This parish has SUCH a big heart!!!!

                We continue to receive offers of help for which we are deeply grateful. Bless all of you!

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Summer Fun

Thanks to Sue Recker, Kathy McDonald, Mary Ann McDonald and other members of the refugee team, our family will experience summer fun in Omaha.         

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Planned activities include:   

- An early July trip to the Zoo (a donor and team member Annie Boyle purchased a family zoo membership).
- Visits to the Benson Branch Library for Summer Reading Club activities.
- A visit to Lauritzen Gardens.
- Expeditions to the Children’s Museum when the membership we have      gotten comes through.

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English Classes Begin   

Dah Po and Hsa Pree are taking English class at Augustana Lutheran Church. Baby Eh Day Gay is with them. St. John's volunteers drive them to class.

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Thanks to Nursing College faculty and staff  members for donating backpacks, school supplies and laundry money to our family. You can see how delighted our kids are as they unpack these gifts. Our three oldest children ride the bus daily to school and are making friends.

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Dying Easter Eggs 

Our Karen family home was bursting with color as soon as project Easter-egg dyeing began.   Refugee Committee members Annie Boyle, Susan Recker and her granddaughter Laura, Mary Ann McDonald and her daughter Rachel, and Kathy McDonald and her granddaughters Grace and Izzy arrived with a variety of supplies to transform the plain, white eggs into a rainbow of colors.  

With the translator present, the family learned about the custom as they dove into the project with great curiosity and joy.