Pastoral Council Mission Statement

The Saint John's Parish Pastoral Council is active in God's work by encouraging lay participation and leadership as a Jesuit Parish.

Purpose of St. John's Parish Pastoral Council
As a body of representatives of the people of God in this parish community, the Parish Pastoral Council seeks:

  • To foster the unity of the parish;

  • To assess adequately, under the leadership of the pastor and the needs of the whole parish and its individual members, to develop and implement a unified program of renewal which promotes the common good of the parish;-
    From St. John's Parish Pastoral Council Constitution

  • To coordinate all parish activities in a manner that will best serve the interests of the parish, the student population, and the community as a whole;

  • To associate the clergy and laity more closely in the saving mission of Christ.



Co-chair: Kelly McDonald
Co-chair: Jen O’Neill


Eileen McBride
Tony Tang - Creighton Student
Ginny Curley  
Helen Wanken
Stephen Scherr
Mary Alice Howick
Amye Aggen
Jim Howard


Sue Selde
Richard Super