Contact - Kathleen Denne 402-280-2975

St. John's honors the requests of parishioners, current students, faculty or staff, Creighton University graduates,  sons and daughters of alumni when scheduling weddings. The couple will be asked to contact a priest to officiate the wedding and coordinate their marriage preparation. 

Contact - Kathy Martin 402-280-2205

Information on marriage prep in the Archdiocese of Omaha can be found by clicking on this link or by contacting Kathy Martin, Marriage Prep Coordinator for Creighton University and St. John's Parish. 

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The fees cover the rental of St. John's Church,  bridal room, and a wedding coordinator who will assist the wedding party the evening of rehearsal and the day of the wedding.
          $500.00 parishioners and Creighton University students.
          $600.00 alumni, faculty and staff of Creighton University
          $100.00 cleaning deposit. 


  • During Liturgical Seasons such as Lent/Easter, Advent/Christmas, liturgical decorations are to remain in place.

    • Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and the Easter Season ends on Pentecost Sunday

    • Advent begins four weeks before Christmas and Christmas Season ends on the Epiphany.

  • Pew decorations are limited to bows, and simple floral arrangements that can be attached with soft coverings.

  • All candles must be enclosed in glass and used only on the back altar, the only exception is the Unity Candle.

  • Fire codes restrict the use of luminaries, sparklers, or other fireworks.

  • Rice, birdseed, confetti, flowers or petals (or similar items) may not be thrown inside or outside of the church.

  • Please click on this link for more specifics on placement of floral arrangements in the church.



Music enhances the beauty of the celebration and allows the gathered assembly to participate in the blessing through song. We have created some helpful information to assist in planning your music selections with your musicians. 

Couples are invited to select the musicians of their choosing and plan the wedding ceremony with the priest who is celebrating your wedding with you. 


  • Each wedding is allowed one hour of photography in the Church.

  • Pictures taken on campus are coordinated with Creighton University Reservations,
    402- 280-1700.


  • Rooms are available for the wedding party and are scheduled when making reservations. Please make arrangements to have the room clean and clear by the time the wedding starts.


  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in or around the church premises.

  • Food and non- alcoholic beverages can be served in the dressing rooms.

  • Creighton University is smoke free.