"Pat Malone was one of the most loving, hardworking, talented, prayerful and genuinely kind Jesuit priests I've ever met. he was unfailingly gentle, courteous, and humble. His early death was a huge blow to so many of his Jesuit brothers, friends and of course, his family. This beautiful collection of some of his best homilies and essays is a moving portrait of a generous man who lived his life entirely for others. Enter into his words and let them bring you closer to the God of Mercy, whom Pat loved and served all his life, and in whose presence he now prays for us." 

James Martin, S. J., author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage

The point of a homily - of speaking in public words about God - is to initiate a confrontation with the truth. And truth is a disruptive thing because, with the gentlest of gestures, it reveals, uncovers, refuses to let us remain hidden. The Words of Fr. Malone's found herein are true in just this disruptive, gentle, refusing way. Do no read these homilies if you are unwilling to be confronted in love, by love, for love. But if you are ready (or ready to be ready) his words will not only softly break, but bless and send you forth to love our broken world." 

Patrick Gilger, S. J., founding Editor-in-Chief of The Jesuit Post

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The cross is cut from the steel girders of New York's World Trade Center Twin Towers, presented to Fr. Pat Malone, S. J. for his service immediately after the tragedy of 9/11.

Cover Image: photographed by Don Doll S. J.
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